First Mortgage Direct Loan Programs

First Mortgage Direct prides itself on our transparent, ethical approach to home loan programs. We operate locally in over a dozen states, which means we intimately know each of these markets and the communities we serve.

Buying a home is the biggest financial decision most will ever make in their lives, so it’s our duty to ensure it’s also the best decision. No matter where you are in your home buying journey, we help you find a loan solution that fits not just your budget but your unique lifestyle. First Mortgage Direct aims to be your trusted partner throughout the complex nature of purchasing, refinancing or renovating a home.

Discover all the loan options you have with First Mortgage Direct!

Buying a Home

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time home buyer or a seasoned shopper – the home purchase process can be pretty tricky. When buyers find out that there are several loan options to choose from, it can muddy the water even more. No worries! First Mortgage Direct walks you through the process from preapproval all the way to closing.

Whether you’re looking into special FHA loans or seeking something more conventional, our local experts help you find the financing perfect for your financial situation. To find out which option best fits your lifestyle, give us a call today.

Refinancing Your Home

There are many reasons homeowners decide it’s time to refinance. Loan rates are lower than their current rate, they want to lower their payments, or they need to use their current equity. Whatever your reason for refinancing, First Mortgage Direct has the knowledge to find a quality solution in a timely manner.

Refinancing options include rate/term loans where no money is changed hands, or the home equity refinance loan that allows you access to the equity built up in your home. Call us today to figure out what route is right for you.

Veteran’s Loans

Active and veteran military members have a unique, low-rate loan at their disposal: the VA Loan. Because military members put their lives on the line – and on hold – it can be difficult to readjust to a lifestyle outside the military. The VA loan can help make home buying a bit easier – and so can First Mortgage Direct.

As licensed professionals with the Veteran’s Administration, we have the expertise to guide veterans through the eligibility process, as well as the types of VA loans at their disposal. Give us a call to learn more about how it works and what you need to do to get started.

Renovating Your Home

Thinking about buying a fixer-upper? Do you know the difference between a Homestyle loan and a 203k loan? First Mortgage Direct loan programs help you get that outdated house into the place of your dreams.

There are many requirements to both the Homestyle loan and the 203k loans – and you will need an expert to help you navigate the complexities. First Mortgage Direct works with your current situation to get you from preapproval to closing and onto the renovations as smoothly as possible. Get started on finding your fixer-upper with First Mortgage Direct today.

Investing in Property

Becoming a landlord, flipping houses or investing in residential properties is a big financial decision, to say the least. Do it with a partner that knows the local markets best and helps you find the right investment opportunities for your budget.

First Mortgage Direct takes a consultative approach to lending, standing by your side through each stage of the investment loan process. No hidden fees and gimmicky offers means you get the best rate, every time. Call us to begin your investment today.