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A mortgage is a powerful, yet often overlooked financial tool. With the right mortgage, you can own a home AND own your financial destiny. We’re here to help you make the best decisions with honesty, integrity & experience.

Helping you achieve homeownership and greater financial stability is our mission at First Mortgage Direct. More than a mortgage lender, we are an online mortgage lender (or correspondent lender) with decades and decades of combined experience. We originate, process, and fund each mortgage with our company’s money and sell them on the secondary mortgage market. No games. No gimmicks. Our first and only goal is to provide you with the mortgage shopping experience you deserve.


Once a mortgage lender. Now so much more.


We're not going to promise you an amazing low rate up-front just to get you to talk to us. We have no hidden fees and will give you straight answers to your questions.


We aim higher than profit. If a certain mortgage doesn't make sense for you, we're not pressuring you into it. Period.


All of our Loan Consultants have actually bought homes before, so they know the emotions you're having! Plus, they have the training and experience to help you make the best mortgage choices for your long-term financial stability.

You deserve nothing less.

Our Online Lending Process

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The best first step is telling us a little bit about you and what you want to achieve. Then, we’ll give you some options to consider at no cost.

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Where We Started

Our company started in 2008 on the principles of honesty, integrity, and experience (values that were in short supply in the mortgage business at the time!). We strived to be better than a mortgage lender—we wanted to work directly with our clients to ensure that we could provide consistent service in line with these values.

Since then we’ve grown into one of the nation’s premier consumer-direct online lenders, with hundreds of online reviews and feedback from homebuyers across the country.

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