Best mortgage lenders for first-time buyers

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Don’t panic- we’ll totally help you buy your first home.

Best mortgage lenders for first-time buyers

Congratulations on your decision to buy your first home!

We’re excited to help you make this big event happen as quickly and reasonably-stress-free as possible. First-time home buyer loans can help you get into a new home more quickly than a traditional mortgage loan. This means less money spent on rent, less time spent living with your parents, and more time being an independent homeowner!

How It Works

How does buying a home work?

First Mortgage Direct has helped thousands of people across the country purchase their first home with a fair mortgage rate and lower down payments. We’ll find some great purchase mortgage options for you (don’t worry: you don’t need to have 20% down!) and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Step 1: Let's Talk

Tell us a little bit about you and what you're looking for. We'll dig into our resources and give you some great options to consider.

Step 2: Complete an Application

Simply complete our secure online mortgage application. This will give us a greater understanding of your credit and finances so that we can give you what's called a "Pre-Qualification." Your Realtor or agent will need this. Applying and getting pre-qualified are 100% free. Stuff you'll definitely need to send us with your application (you can upload this online) include: Last 2 years' tax returns & W-2s Last 2 months' paystubs If you're applying for a VA loan, your DD-214 Most recent bank statements Most recent retirement/401(k) statement (all pages) Gift letter - if any of your down payment is going to be a gift from a family member, we'll need to document this

Step 3: Find a House

This is the fun part. Once the sellers accept your offer and you have a signed contract, send that to us ASAP.

Step 4: Processing Your Mortgage

This is where we do our "magic" and get your mortgage ready to close. We will appraise the house you're buying and may need a few more docs from you.  Important: Don't Buy Anything At All! Seriously. No cars, no furniture, no big expenses if you can absolutely avoid it. Don't take on ANY new debt or credit cards. And even if you totally hate your job, wait until after you close on your home before you start looking for a new one. You will also need to get a homeowner's insurance policy at this point, so start looking for agents who can help you.

Step 5: Closing

You'll go to a title company or we'll send a notary to you and you'll sign a bunch of documents to officially buy your house. This will typically take about an hour.

Why choose First Mortgage Direct?

Honesty, Integrity, and Experience.

We started business in 2008 at a time when honesty and integrity in the mortgage business were scarce commodities. We thought that was wrong and built our business around Honesty, Integrity, and Experience.

We must be on to something because we’ve helped thousands of homebuyers like you since then!

Meet First Mortgage Direct


Why work with First Mortgage Direct on your first home?


We don't play games. We're not going to promise you an amazing low rate up-front just to get you to talk to us. We have no hidden fees and will give you straight answers to your questions.


We aim higher than profit. If a certain mortgage doesn't make sense for you, we're not pressuring you into it. Period.


All of our Loan Consultants have actually bought a home before (novel idea, right?) So they know what you're going through. Plus they have the training and experience to help you make the best mortgage choices for your long-term financial stability.

You deserve nothing less.

Safe & Secure Online Experience

You can apply online in minutes and upload docs through our secure online portal.

Fast Closing

We'll get your loan done fast. Home purchase loans take priority in our operation.

So let’s do this.

Tell us a little bit about you and we’ll contact you to answer any questions you have about mortgage loans for first-time buyers. It’s 100% free and no strings attached.

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More About First-Time Home Buyer Loans.

At First Mortgage Direct, we understand that the process of purchasing a home for anyone can be daunting, but especially for the first-time homebuyer. There are a lot of rumors and myths about mortgage loans (and the home-buying process in general) so we thought we’d set the record straight.

The two most common myths about mortgage loans (and first-time home-buyer loans) are:

1. “You’ve gotta have 20% down to buy a home.”

Anyone that tells you this probably hasn’t bought a home since parachute pants were a thing. You can actually buy a home with as little as 3.5% of the purchase price for a down payment.

2. “You’ve gotta have perfect credit to buy a home.”

A great score – above 680 – definitely helps, but you can still get a mortgage if your credit is simply “good.”